About Me


I am a thirty-something lawyer, husband, and the proud Dad of my son, Jacob Atlas, and Maple the schnauzer. I am a hobbyist photographer. I am also an “environmentalist” (insert your own definition here). I was born in England and now live many thousands of kilometres away in Calgary, Canada, the oil and gas capital of the world. I am a Board Member of the Southern Alberta chapter of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS).

This Blog:

This was created as another travel-blog, it became something more, and then it laid dormant for several years, with life simply getting in the way. I still intend to document my travels, but beyond that, I hope that this “travel-green-environmental comment-legal” blog will help you fall in love with this world, recognize just how incredible (and fragile) it is, and inspire you to change (and promote others to change) the way we live and interact with this planet.

This Planet Of Ours:

There are so many things to love about this world. A myriad of cultures, majestic views, delicious foods and a rich history of life to study and learn from. I love different cultures, breathtaking sights, curried vegetables, fish n’ chips and haggis so, for me, this planet is a great place to live. Most of all, I like to understand the past and the history of the places I visit.

My Concerns:

I fear for the future of distinct, unique and remote cultures and the foods they come with. I am concerned about poverty, climatic change, the destruction of ecosystems, the preservation of biodiversity, and the polluting of our scarce fresh-waters, and vast but vulnerable oceans. I wonder whether generations ahead of us will look back and see how our current civilization changed its ways to eradicate poverty and protect the earth, or whether those grandchildren of grandchildren will be well aware of the permanent and irreparable damage done to the earth. Will Venice be above water? Will the Antarctic still exist as we know it? Will elephants still roam wild in Africa? Will this over-populated, starving world have fallen into civil war?

A Quote For Thought:

In February, 2009, the late Ray Anderson spoke to an audience of a TedTalks conference on sustainable business. Some of his words are the basis for this blog:

“We have a choice to make during our brief visit to this beautiful blue and green living planet: to hurt it or to help it.”

I truly hope that this blog does the earth justice, entertains you and inspires you.