Green Education

Books you should read:

Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies; Diamond, Norton 1999.

Ethical Water: Learning To Value What Matters Most; Sandford and Phare, RMB 2011.

Sea Sick; Mitchell, Emblem 2009.

The Legacy; Suzuki, Greystone 2010.

Here on Earth; Flannery, Harper Collins 2010.

Environmental Law; Benidickson, Irwin Law 2009 (3rd Ed.) (for you lawyers out there…)

Everything Under The Sun: Toward A Brighter Future On A Small Blue Planet; Suzuki, Greystone 2012.

David Suzuki’s Green Guide; Suzuki and Boyd, Greystone 2008.

Now Or Never; Flannery, Harper Collins 2009.

Silent Spring; Carson, Houghton Mifflin 1994 (1962).

The World Is Blue; Earle, National Geographic 2009.

Collapse; Diamond, Penguin 2011 (2005).

Soil Not Oil; Shiva, South End Press 2008.

Documentaries you should watch:


No Impact Man

Food, Inc.

Planet Earth / Blue Planet / Frozen Planet (BBC)


An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore)

11th Hour (Leonardo di Caprio)


The Cove

Chasing Ice


Blue Gold