Green Tips

Green tips:

– Use a push-lawn mower and manual shears.

– Buy (and use) a rain barrel.

– Grow your own fruit / herbs / vegetables or support organic local food products.

– By local and organic, generally.

– Do not use pesticides.

– Compost.

– Recycle, or better still, re-use, or better still, reduce.

– Before you buy more ‘stuff’, think, “do I really need this?”

– Print double-sided, if at all.

– Support sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

– Reduce your energy consumption, and use green energy such as Bullfrog Power.

– Volunteer for environmental organizations.

– Vote for environmentally motivated elected officials.

– Use public transit, or better still, travel by bicycle / on foot.

– Upgrade household insulation and appliances and switch to compact fluorescent lightbulbs.

– Turn down the thermostat, the water heater, and turn off the lights.

– Reduce meat consumption. When done right, this can also have health benefits.

– Don’t buy bottled water or sodas. Drink tap water or filtered tap water.

– Share the things you learn with others, and pass on your green education.

– Unplug electric products when not in use. Electricity is still drained even when items are turned off.

There are many other steps you can take. If you have any more suggestions, let me know!